Going to the Doctor

by Fred Rogers

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In 1987 Fred Rogers launched a series of books called First Experiences, founded on his belief that talking openly with children about waht something new will be like can lessen their fears about facing something new and difficult.
The book Going to the Doctor uses real life photos to show what a trip to the doctor is like. The book explains who a child may meet at the doctor, the tools used, and what happens during a checkup
A Note From Fred Rogers:
A child's first visit with a pediatrician usually comes soon after birth. It may be months or even years later, though, that a child first shows fear about going to see a doctor.
The worry of an injection or some other unfamiliar medical procedure can trigger that fear. It can also appear because another family member may be feeling medical anxieties. And, of course, new body awareness and needs for privacy develop naturally in chidren's early years, so all these feelings can make it very hard for them to let doctors investigate the workings of their bodies.
Whatever the reasons, honest talk about a visit to the doctor can help lessen a child's worries. Being prepared for something that might hurt a little is easier than being surprised when it does -- or wondering whether everything will hurt. 
Honest talk is a cornerstone of healthy trust, and with a loving trustworthy caregiver, a child can learn to cope with many of life's new or difficult experiences.;
This is a piece of work that reflects the educational intention of Mister Rogers and may not be currently up to date when detailing jobs available in the medical profession or meical tools. The intended goal of this text is to introduce children to what happens during a check up in order to help build trusting relationships with medical professionals that keeps everyone safe and comfortable. This text is a reflection of the time it was written and has not been edited since its original publication in 1987.

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