Josephine The Short-Neck Giraffe

From the producers of Mister Rogers Neighborhood

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In May of 1989 Mister Rogers begins a week of episodes where he travels to the Neighborhood Animal Park (The San Diego Zoo), takes photos of people and animals, learns how photos are developed, and reads the story of Josephine the Short-Necked Giraffe which is acted out by the residents of the Neighborhood of Make Believe.  

Over the course of several episodes Mister Rogers tells the story of Josephine, a giraffe with a short neck who wishes she had a long neck like other giraffes. Through her friendship with Hazel the elephant and J.R. the giraffe, Josephine comes to understand that being unique is what makes her special. This published addition of Josephine the Short-Necked Giraffe, is an edited addition based on the original series of episodes with full approval from Fred Rogers Productions.  

Paperback: Picture book 

Copyright 2006: Family Communications, Inc 

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