Everyday Play Deck

by playAGAIN with Rose & Rex

$ 29.99


At the Children’s Museum of Pittsburgh, we believe that learning through play is an important part of growing up. We strive to create learning experiences at the museum and online that can easily be replicated at home.  

The Everyday Play Deck is a perfect example of the types of programs we love having at the museum. The play deck, designed by the founder of playAGAIN, features small learning activities that use household materials and celebrate sustainability, imagination, creativity, and joy.  
Each card of the play deck includes a list of suggested supplies, and activities for pre-school age learners. The deck itself also snaps apart and can be played with, sort the cards into categories, make a scavenger hunt, or carry the cards around for on-the-go activity ideas.  

Made by playAGAIN in collaboration with Rose & Rex  

Play deck snaps apart for easy sorting, organization, and play 

Suitable for ages 3 and older with adult supervision 

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