The Good Neighbor (Paperback Edition)

by Maxwell King

$ 18.00


Mister Rogers is best known for his work in children’s television and education but that was not always the path he saw for himself. The Good Neighbor is the first full-length biography of Fred Rogers. Using original interviews, oral histories, and archival documents, biographer Maxwell King writes an engaging story that delves into who Mister Rogers was as a person. Tracing Fred Rogers’ personal life, artistic, and professional life through decades of work.  

The book features stories of Fred’s youth in Latrobe, Pennsylvania, his faith, and his career including a chapter on his surprise decision to walk away from children’s television in the 70’sThis book is perfect for fans of Mister Rogers or anyone looking for a well written biography.  

Paperback: 320 pages 

Publisher: Harry N. Abrams 

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