Plus-Plus: More Light 

$ 7.99


More Light is one of the most iconic pieces of art at the Children's Museum of Pittsburgh. Created by Dick Esterle this piece of artwork is made of 840 pink and orange pieces of surveyor’s tape, suspended from the ceiling of the art studio by 9,800 paper clips.  

To honor the 10
th anniversary of More Light we have created a custom mix of Plus Plus Pieces for an open play building experiences that features the iconic colors of More Light. There is no replacement for seeing this piece of art in person, but we hope this mini maker tube of Plus Plus will inspire you until we can play together again. Your purchase helps us to create quality online content which can be found here 

Suitable for ages: 5 and older.   

Pieces measure: ¾" x ½" 
Made in Denmark from BPA-free and phthalate-free plastic. 

Plus-Plus operates a 100% green energy factory with NO WASTE production.

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