Children's Museum of Pittsburgh Paper Model Kit

$ 7.99


Do you love the Children’s Museum of Pittsburgh? Now is your chance to build your own mini model of the museum out of paper! Cut, fold, and glue together the buildings that house your favorite exhibits. 

Buildings in the kit include:  
The Old Allegheny City Post Office Building built in 1897, which is now home to: The Art Studio and Store.  

The Lantern Building built in 2004, the current home toThe Lobby, Makeshop, The Nursery, and Water Play
Buhl Planetarium Building built in 1939, exciting new home to: The Garage, The Kindness Gallery, Traveling Exhibit Space, and Café  

Old Carnegie Library building built in 1890, now home to: Museumlab  

Helpful hints for making:  
This is an excellent kit for families to make together, we recommend splitting the tasks amongst participants. Tasks include: cutting, scoring the green dotted lines, folding, gluing.
Please note, this project can take a long time, and frequent breaks are recommended.

Remember, it’s okay to be frustrated, just don’t give up! 

Made by: Paperlandmarks 
Dimensions (when assembled):
Old Allegheny City Post Office Building - 2.3 ⋅ 2 ⋅ 2.3 in / 6 ⋅ 5 ⋅ 6 cm
Lantern Building and Buhl Planetarium - 4.7 ⋅ 3.5 ⋅ 1.6 in / 12 ⋅ 9 ⋅ 4 cm
MuseumLab  - 3.9 ⋅ 3.1 ⋅ 3.1 in / 10 ⋅ 8 ⋅ 8 cm

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