Garden-in-a-bag Tomato Plant

$ 14.99


Gardening is a really fun spring activity that can be included in a science lesson or as a lesson to learn about time and patience; it can sometimes take a long time for something to grow. There are many steps and tools needed to help plants grow. The Tomato Plant Garden in a bag seeks to make some steps easier by providing all tools, growing mediums, seeds, and containers needed to grow tomatoes. The kit includes heirloom seeds for mini tomatoes, growing medium, coconut husks for drainage, a leak-proof coloring bag, garden stake, crayons, and directions. 

At the Children’s Museum of Pittsburgh, we understand that not everyone has accesses to green space to do their growing at home. We maintain a garden in front of the museum that can be visited at any time during the year, we use this garden to grow fruits, vegetables, herbs and flowers. We invite everyone to help us with this garden by visiting and helping to water the plants during the spring and summer. When you visit make sure to leave us a note or a picture on the blackboard to helps us decorate the garden.  

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