Reusable Drawing Book: Starry Pink

$ 23.99


The Children’s Museum of Pittsburgh is a place to learn, play, and maybe make a mess. While we often encourage making a mess while visiting us at the museum, we don’t want you to take that mess home with you. The Jaq Jaq Bird line of reusable drawing and coloring books are the ultimate in low mess on the go art creation. Using these books at the restaurant and in the car, in addition to at home making, is highly recommended for maximum fun!  

Inside each book you’ll find blank pages to sketch, color and doodle, and 4 non-toxic Butter Stix stored in a pouch attached to the book. 

Butter Stix are 
a dust free chalk which are technically non-toxic water-soluble wax pastels.  

Compact, flexible and 
lightweight, measures 8”X8” when folded  

Made by: Jaq 
Jaq Bird 
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