The Anger Management Box

by Open the Joy

$ 24.99


At the Children’s Museum of Pittsburgh, we believe that it is important to explore and understand all different types of emotions. Sometimes the emotions we explore are happy ones associated with good feelings, and sometimes we experience emotions that go with unhappy feelings. One type of emotion is not worse than another but there are positive and negative ways that we as people can handle our emotions.  

The Anger Management Box by Open the Joy seeks to explore an emotion that we often tell children is a “bad” emotion; anger. The activities in this curated box are designed to help children recognize their anger, understand the causes, face their problems, reflect on their attitude, and work to understand appropriate ways of expressing their anger. This is a wonderful resource to help adults and children work towards understanding their own emotions and working through problems to seek healthy solutions. 
The kit includes:  
5 instruction cards, 
2 tubs of air dry putty 
Deck of 52 anger management cards 
50 sheets assorted color origami paper 
DIY wooden catapult 
50 sheet bad mood buster notepad 

Suitable for ages 4 and older  

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