Maker Bootcamp 6/27-6/30
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What is "making"? What constitutes a "makerspace"? Why does making matter? How does making look while planning for COVID considerations? Join museum professionals in a four-day immersive maker experience where you are the learner. Examine the value and importance of making in education. Participate in hands-on making, using soft, hard, and recycled materials as well as digital tools. Engage with other educators to explore MAKESHOP's Principles of Practice and other research-based resources that can support your journey into making. Whether you are an experienced educator, maker expert, new to teaching or anywhere in between, this professional development experience will offer insight into the people, processes, tools and materials necessary to cultivating a maker-centered learning experience for any space, formal or informal. We recommend attending with another representative of your institution, be it a teacher, librarian, informal educator, or administrator, so you can support each other's efforts and implementations beyond Boot Camp. Act 48 hours provided.
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